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Eyebrow Shaping - Second To None

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Tired of plucking or shaving your eyebrows? Do you struggle daily with hair growing back in between or around your eyebrows at an increased rate? Well, in addition to our electrolysis treatments, here at Marguerite Daskam Studio of Electrolysis I also provide eyebrow shaping services!

I will trim and mold your eyebrows into the perfect shape according to what you, the customer, want. Here in Stamford, CT a well-groomed appearance is everything, and I can have you looking your best right when you need it most. Your eyebrows are the curtains bordering the window to your soul, so let me go to work with my eyebrow shaping techniques for you!

My techniques for eyebrow shaping are proven to be successful, gorgeous, and long lasting. You will only have to come to see me every now and then, depending on how fast your hair grows! This is a drastic improvement compared to plucking or shaving your eyebrows on a daily basis! My techniques are quick, efficient, and will have you looking your best right after you leave!

Don’t let overgrown eyebrow hair stifle your confidence or make you feel like you are not beautiful. Your happiness, lifestyle, and overall demeanor can change with a simple procedure with me! Call today to learn more about the various eyebrow shaping techniques and to set up a free consultation!