Facials - Regain Your Youth

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While hair removal through electrolysis is my specialty, I also provide spa-quality facials to my clients for a low fee! Most of my customers come to Marguerite Daskam Studio of Electrolysis for the comfortable and confidential atmosphere, why not have more done while you are here? Out of all of my services, facials have done the most for my clients as far as regaining lost youth goes!

There are other reasons to get a facial, such as:

Anti-Aging Benefits - A facial is by far one of the best methods you can use to combat the signs of age. It helps prevent and remove wrinkles as well as other marks on the face, whether they are scars or age spots. You can keep your skin looking youthful and smooth far past its years with one of my facials!

Low Cost - Some of the other salons in town might offer facials of this quality for upwards of fifty or seventy five dollars. My facial treatment is available for the low price of thirty five dollars for one treatment, making it the lowest price in Stamford, CT!

A Little Goes a Long Way - One of the best things about a facial is that the effects of making your skin look more radiant and beautiful actually last for as long as four to six weeks! This can vary depending on the person in question, but usually you will not need another treatment for a while if you choose Marguerite Daskam Studio of Electrolysis!

So while you are here getting a free consultation about hair removal or getting a treatment done, do not hesitate to treat yourself to one of my grand facials! You will not regret it—satisfaction is guaranteed! Call today!