Permanent Hair Removal


Permanent Hair Removal - Guaranteed Results

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The process of electrolysis is a permanent hair removal solution that many men and women have employed nowadays to keep their faces and bodies well-groomed or hair free. It is fast, inexpensive, and the results are guaranteed.

If you get those pesky hair areas cleaned up by Marguerite Daskam Studio of Electrolysis, you can expect:

Low Cost - One of the biggest concerns our clients have is the cost of the permanent hair removal treatment. Sometimes it can take several appointments to get all of the hair removed properly. Usually this is due to darkness of the color or course hair. While the costs vary depending on the size of the area for hair removal and other factors, it doesn’t hurt to call and get a free, confidential consultation!

   My rates are as follows:

      o 20 dollars for 15 minutes
      o 35 dollars for 30 minutes
      o 45 dollars for 45 minutes
      o 50 dollars for 60 minutes

Increased Confidence - Here at Marguerite Daskam Studio of Electrolysis, I want to see you walking around Stamford, CT with pride and confidence! A permanent hair removal solution will easily boost your self esteem! You will feel better about your appearance and therefore yourself, and that gets you noticed! Do not let your beauty be hidden beneath unwanted hair; get rid of it instead!

Completely Safe - At Marguerite Daskam Studio of Electrolysis you can always expect our kind and courteous atmosphere, and you know I will be discreet with the information gained in the free consultations. I will treat you with the respect you deserve! The process of electrolysis is a safe, permanent hair removal solution, usually the only side effect is a bit of redness around the treated areas immediately afterwards!

When you get your hair removal done with Marguerite Daskam Studio of Electrolysis, you know your treatments are going to be confidential, safe, and good for your confidence. You will walk out of my treatment center a new person, shedding away all of the physical problems of before! Call today to schedule a free consultation or an appointment. I have the lowest rates in town!